1.      What was your favourite wedding moment?

Our favourite wedding moment hands down was the speeches. The wedding party- Ryan’s two best men, my matron of honor and our parents each delivered a speech that brought laughter and tears to our guests in the vineyard. I will never forget my father’s speech, those were the happiest tears I’ve ever shed. It was defiantly several minutes longer than we had agreed to but worth every second. His incorporation of props was only made funnier by his British sense of humor.

2.      What are some of your favourite photographs we captured on your big day?

Our first look

I absolutely love the series of photographs from our first look. Bruna so perfectly captured the genuine expressions on our faces as we saw one another for the first time. I had spent the whole morning anxiously monitoring the weather and, in those moments, tucked amongst the vines at the end of my parent’s road we were so content that not even a few rain drops could wipe the smiles from our faces.

Walking back up the aisle

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Once the ceremony was over, we felt a rush of excitement as we realized the hard part was done- now it was time to truly celebrate with all our friends and family. With champagne already in hand from our ceremony toast, we walked up the aisle. I love that Bruna was able to capture my new favourite wedding tradition and the pure joy on both of our faces.

Guests During Cocktail Hour

While we were able to spend time with our guests during cocktail hour, there were some moments we missed. We absolutely love looking back at all the images of our friends and family enjoying themselves as much as we did.

3.      Any advice for engaged couples planning their wedding? 

Prior to our wedding I solicited the advice of many of our married friends. The most common advice given was to “enjoy every moment, it goes by so quickly”.  Everyone says it, but you won’t believe it until the day arrives. With the help of our amazing wedding planner Caryn we carved out time during our cocktail hour to have a drink, play lawn games and mingle with our guests. This removed the pressure of going around to each table during dinner, as we had already been able to thank people for coming before sitting down. It also allowed us the time to really take in the moment with one another during dinner- enjoying the music, the speeches and the food. It was one of the best feelings to look out at everyone we love gathered under the tent celebrating our love.

Venue: Between the Lines Winery, Niagara-On-The-Lake | Wedding Planner:  Caryn Leith, As You Wish Weddings | Floral: Alexandra Highet, Forever Wildfield | Dress: “Frankie” by Made With Love | Suit: Empire Custom | Decor/Rentals: Plates- Plate Occasions, Linens- Simply Beautiful Décor, and lots of DIY decor made with love and help from the Bride’s mom and dad | Videographer: Emily Coster | Food: The Yellow Pear