1. What was the inspiration for your wedding, the style/color/scheme?

I have a pretty strict design aesthetic (and Kevin is easy going!), so the vision for the style and colour scheme came easily. We had the beautiful surroundings of the Brickworks and the lovely summer light working for us, so we thought everything else should be kept simple. By keeping the palette neutral while incorporating different textures and finishes, I think we were able to make the space feel decorated while still respecting the architecture and natural elements of the venue. Our wedding planner, Lu Parkinson, and florist, Lisa Gray from Sweet Woodruff, could not have understood and executed on our vision any more perfectly!

3. Why did you choose your wedding venue?

We were initially planning to have our wedding in the backyard of Kevin’s parents’ home – we liked the intimate and personal feel, while also being a bit different. As the planning got underway, we soon realized the logistics of organizing our growing guest list into a backyard with food, music, dancing and a rain plan was not practical! The Brickworks felt like a prefect way to maintain so many of the best parts of the backyard feel, while simplifying the planning and day-of logistics. After weeks of rain and clouds, the sun came out just in time for our outdoor ceremony. The surrounding forest and wetlands were bright and lush and a stunning complement to our white flowers and decor.

4. What was your favourite wedding moment?

There were so many it’s hard to choose! One unexpected highlight came towards the end of dinner when our photographer, Bruna, suggested Kevin and I go back outside for photos while the sun was setting. I had always thought sunset photos were romantic, but I wasn’t expecting those twenty minutes to be so much fun and such a nice way for Kevin and I to reconnect with each other away from the wedding. By this point in the evening, all our obligations were done, we were a few glasses of champagne in and the real party was about to get started. This felt like the first time during the day that we really got to relax and appreciate the moment. It’s no surprise that these photos turned out to be some of our favourites and felt the most “us”.

5. Any advice for engaged couples planning their wedding?

Right after we got engaged, another couple told us to set aside the first month and just enjoy the engagement. No wedding talk, no planning, no stress. Thirty days to just be engaged and enjoy that exciting time with friends and family. Unfortunately, we weren’t very successful implementing this advice (I think we got to two weeks before we started planning!), but I still really value the sentiment. Similarly, as soon as our wedding weekend began, we agreed that all stress and planning was over! It was too late to change anything anyways, so it was time to just enjoy! 

Venue: Evergreen Brickworks | Wedding Planner: Lu Parkinson | Photography:  Simply Lace Photography  | Floral: Sweet Woodruff | Makeup/Hair: Ashley Readings | Dress: Sash and Bustle | Suit: MADE Clothing  | Decor/Rentals: Sweet Woodruff/Contemporary Furniture Rentals/Chairman Mills/Plate Occasions/Linen Closet  | Calligrapher: Bon Paper House/Minted | DJ: Rhythm Force | Caterer: Citizen Catering (now Victor Dries) | Strings: GTA Strings | Videographer: Eric Frank Cinema 

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