Here’s something a little different from my usual work. I LOVE colourful and vibrant photos but sometimes, there are sessions that just requires a B&W edit.

Most people don’t know this but I actually started off my photography journey with a film camera. At the time, Ryerson University had a film photography program running so I jumped right into the opportunity and that’s how it all began. 100% of my images were in B&W and I was just obsessed and loved how everything looked so much better in black and white. Eventually they had to restore the Ryerson building so I moved my photography studies to Seneca where I learned all about the digital world of photography. I love it so much but I am seriously considering going back to shooting film in my spare time. It’s an art form that is coming back and I think it’s totally worth exploring all of its wonders.

Sunwoo and Han Youl met with me last Spring right after my trip to Paris. I remember feeling refreshed and so inspired. I love how our session came out and it’s still one of my favourites. Hope you enjoy seeing something a little different. :)

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and now back to my colourful and vibrant style! :)

Kind words from Sunwoo and Han Youl after their wedding day:

“We were lucky to have Bruna as our photo­grapher for our special day. Having gone through a wedding, I think t­he traits you want in a photographer wou­ld be:
1) Technical expertise, 2) that they car­e, and 3) to be personable, and Bruna ha­d it all. Technical expertise – The photos speak f­or themselves. Care – Bruna cared and she made sure we ­got the photos we wanted. Personable – Bruna knew how to make us comfortable in all situations. It was such a pleasure to have Bruna capture our wedding! Thanks Bruna!!”