Life is all about timing, and these two are here to prove it! Long distance relationships can be so hard but they have totally mastered it. They will be saying their I do’s this July and Sarah will be moving to the US shortly after the wedding to start their lives together as husband and wife. I’m also so glad Bryce was able to fly in for their session and even though the weather was nice, we are still short of blooms so that’s why we ended our session at a greenhouse (which was a total fluke and not part of the plan at all.) Learn more from Sarah about their awesome personalities and unique love story below. Enjoy!



1. Three words that best describe yourself and your fiancee.

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Bryce as described by Sarah: 
– caring (Bryce has the biggest heart of anyone I know!)
– laid back/easy going
–  supportive
Sarah as described by Bryce:
– caring
– fun-loving
– honest 
2. What do you like to do together as a couple?
– we love having our morning coffee together on the weekend.  Coffee and a bagel has become a Saturday ritual. 
– a cocktail at happy hour always makes our day!
– spending our time with family and friends, we love to be around people we care about. We always have fun! Especially at my family’s cottage on Georgian Bay or visiting his friends and family in Florida!
– College game day on Saturdays. Bryce loves college football, I am learning to love it because I think it’s so funny to see him get excited to watch the Florida Gators play. 
– Bryce is also a talented golfer and loves the sport! While I’m not much of a golfer, I still like to watch Bryce play. 
– I indulge Bryce in his love of sports and he indulges my interest in farmers markets! 
– After all the years we have spent apart we are just happy to do anything together.  It doesn’t matter what the activity is, how extravagant or mundane –  we are happy to do anything as long as it’s together (as cheesy as that sounds!)
– things we love to do together: airport hellos
– things we don’t love to do together: airport goodbyes 
3. If you could move to a new country or city, which one would it be and why?
Bryce and I are just excited to finally be in the same place, but if we had our choice we would either settle in Milton to be close to my family or Florida to be close to his.  Better yet, my family could just move to Florida so we can all be together at the beach!
4. When and how did you first meet? Tell us your story!
We met 6 years ago while I was visiting my cousin in Florida. She had just taken a job in Orlando and I had some time to take a vacation. We were out with friends one night and someone had brought along Bryce to meet the Canadian girls.  After that night, Bryce and I were inseparable for the rest of my trip.  We had an instant connection and knew we had found something special. When I left to come back home to Toronto for a new job we decided we wanted to try our best to make a long distance relationship work. And we did for nearly 2 years. We talked everyday, had long Skype dates and took frequent trips to see each other. We were young and not quite ready to make the big leap, so we decided what was best for us would be to take some time apart and focus on ourselves and if we found our way back to each other it was meant to be.  About a year ago we were finally honest with ourselves and decided we didn’t want to be apart any longer. We are better together and decided we were going to do whatever it takes to make it happen.  We always knew we’d end up together, life is just about timing and we finally got it right!
5. How did the proposal happen?
Bryce and I planned a trip to Nashville with a couple of friends. Little did I know, he had a ring in his pocket the entire weekend!  He was just looking for the right moment to pop the question. Nashville is a busy city with a fast pace and Bryce couldn’t find a moment that felt quite right. We had an amazing time in Nashville and made some great memories, but it wasn’t until we got back to his house did the ring come out of his pocket and he got down on one knee. He had finally found the perfect setting, a quiet moment between the two of us in the place where we were about to begin our lives together.
6. Any advice for engaged couple who are just starting the planning process?
Wedding planning is an overwhelming process.  
My best advice is to do this for you. There is pressure to make everyone happy, but just know everyone loves and supports you and if you’re happy, they’re going to be happy too! The most important thing is to not lose sight of what comes after the wedding.  There’s so much to look forward to!